Championship Sanction Policy

W.T.F. Taekwondo Federation of British Columbia

Sanction Application Form (PDF Format)

Application Procedure

1. Download the application form
2. Fill out the application form (by BC Members School)
3. Return the application form with a Sanction Fee of $200 to the Secretary General
4. Once the application has pass by the Technical Board, your Championship information and packages will be posted on our official website.

Championship Sanction Policy

– Applicant must be a member of the WTF Taekwondo Federation of British Columbia.

o Main School Member

o Branch School Member

– One must fill out a “Championship Sanction Application Form”

o Applicant Name (Members of BC)

o Name of the Championship

o Championship Date

o Championship Venue

o Registration Fee

– Championship Sanction includes Insurance cover for the championship and its competitors (Applicant must confirm insurance coverage for individual championship, and liability goes to the individual applicant)

– Application Fee of $200

– Mats rental fee of $150